Leprechaun Trap

After reading “The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day” with the boys, they wanted to build a leprechaun trap! I was fairly new to this idea so, like I always do, I went to Pinterest for ideas on how to trap a leprechaun and what doing that really meant. Was there something hidden that I didn’t know? Did I have to hide something? I found and pinned a bunch of ideas for the trap and it looks like everyone does something different with it. It seems similar to a certain ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – another fairly new phenomenon that parents are still figuring out.


So it looks like we are going to join in on the fun and try and catch a leprechaun! Check us out on Twitter or Facebook to see if we had any LUCK!

You can also pop over to Pinterest and follow us there to see other people’s leprechaun traps ideas and get some inspiration for your own!  #MelMar


St. Patrick’s Day Craft Round-Up!

We are on spring break here, so that means both time for crafting and the need to keep the boys entertained. With St. Patrick’s day as the next “holiday”, we have dug into rainbow crafts!


What is more fun than finger paint? I have seen this craft floating around Pinterest in many variations. We didn’t stray too far from the norm. Here, though, are a few things I did a little differently than what I found in my searches:

1) I drew guidelines for my two year old so he could get the colours and arc of the rainbow.
2) We used torn-up black crepe streamers to make the pot.
3) I cut gold coins out of two different colours of cardstock for the boys to glue in the pot.

This was a fun and easy craft that both of my boys enjoyed! I have collected a few more ideas that I think are easy and for which you would probably have most of the supplies on hand to make today or over the weekend!

Rainbow Pots with Treats




I found this idea and just had to do it with the boys! I picked up the flower pots, gold wrap candy and we were set to go! I think we will surprise some neighbours with these creations! They are still in progress so follow us on Twitter (@imhereshesthere) or Facebook to see our finished product!

Paper Chain Rainbow


This is a great construction paper craft for a toddler, I have the supplies on hand and it’s easy to put together in one sitting! I know Little L is going to love this one!


Leprechaun Hat


Free Printable to construct a leprechaun hat! This will look great on your fridge to decorate for St. Patrick ’s Day!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

I hope you find something that you and your little ones will enjoy! If nothing else grab a bag of colored pasta and be creative! #MelMar