T-shirt Challenge Accepted!

As the warm weather approaches, I had to do what most other moms were doing, and that was cleaning out the kids clothes. That meant checking out what still fits, putting the snow pants to the back of the closet, and packing up the too small clothes.

This leads me to the Tshirt Challenge. As I was organizing BigB’s drawers I quickly noticed that he had an abundance of tshirts. He had the dry weave tshirts, printed shirts with characters, brand name Tees and shirts he had picked up from various camps/sports events (take away gifts). After I had determined what fit, I said to BigB “You have enough T-Shirts here that you could go a full month without duplicating a t-shirt once.” He chuckled and I said “ HEY, let’s try it for the month of June!” He is totally on board; so stand by and watch our facebook page for the daily updates of “What BigB is wearing today…”

Starting June 1, 2014



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