What Do I Really Think OF Camping?


In 2010 my husband talked me into getting a camper. We purchased a 27 foot travel sport camper, we had both camped growing up, and felt it was something we wanted to do for our son at the time. We had both camped growing up, my husband much more than I. He was used to setting up camp for full summer away from home in a pull trailer with a bathroom, kitchen and all amenities of home. I was used to a pop=up camper that was used for a 2 week time span every year for vacation, this pop up camper required you to leave your warmish camper and walk with a flash light to go potty.
Needless to say I was a much harder sell on the camping life, and the wonderful memories that were yet to be made with my new little family. But, the excitement in hubby’s eyes and the curiosity in BigB 4year olds eyes sold me on the idea.
The first year we were figuring things out, I was still not a fan but the end of the camping season. This was my profile picture on FB that winter:
(insert “glad I am not camping” )


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