Another thing that makes my life easier…


I love having something sweet after a meal. If there’s nothing handy, I get a little nervous! That’s why I like having cookie dough in the freezer to heat up while the oven is still hot from making supper. It feels like warm, fresh cookies with my evening coffee! Freeze the dough in cookie-sized balls so they take the least amount of time and effort possible,

These molasses-raisin cookies sure do taste good after #MealsOnABudget! #MelHal



2 thoughts on “Another thing that makes my life easier…

  1. This is super cool! Great idea. I threw some Pillsbury dough in the oven last night after dinner (and after the kids went to bed, ahem) because I was craving something sweet. I would totally do this.

  2. This is a really fun and frugal idea! Think about how many batches you could make and freeze for the cost of a single packaged product from the freezer section. A LOT!

    And more cookies = winning! 😀

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