#MealsOnABudget – Post 4


I am really excited about this particular #MealsOnABudget post because the dish was so tasty! While we were eating I said to Tom, “That was good but I don’t think it’s going to be within the $2 budget.” He agreed with me and we just enjoyed the rest of our meal before facing what we thought would be the inevitable over-budget cost. Read on to see if we were right…but by opening with, “I’m really excited…” I have probably given myself away!

Coleslaw (4 servings):

1/3 cabbage ……. $.49

1 carrot ……. $.11

1 stalk of celery ……. $.14

2 tbsp mayonnaise ……. $.12

1 tsp harseradish mayo ……. $.03

1 tsp sugar ……. $.02

1 tbsp vinegar ……. $. 01

1/4 tsp mustard powder ……. $.01

Turnip Side-Dish (3 servings):

1/3 medium turnip ……. $.77

3 green onion ……. .08 x 3 = $.24

1 tbsp butter ……. $.11

Salt and Pepper ……. $.01

So, the cost per plate is:

Chicken ……. $.67

Turnip Dish ……. $.38

Coleslaw ……. $.23

TOTAL ……. $1.28

With a meal coming in a whopping 70 CENTS under budget, I must have more than one lesson to share today, right? Right!

Today’s Lessons:

1.) Embrace the unconventional! I don’t know about you but, in my lifetime, turnip has generally been limited to a mashed form with Sunday dinner. It shouldn’t be! Turnip has a lovely rich and almost creamy taste that can be spruced up in a number of ways! It’s inexpensive and healthy.

2.) Make it yourself! I’m sure I’ll come back to this particular lesson again but it’s worth noting in relation to the coleslaw. I made 4 (heaping and generous!) servings of coleslaw for $.93. I think it is very unlikely that you would find that much ‘slaw for less than $1 at the store and, even if you did, it would probably be loaded with cream sauce and who knows what else!

A delicious homemade meal, way under budget. Try it! #MelHal


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