Leprechaun Trap

After reading “The Night Before St. Patrick’s Day” with the boys, they wanted to build a leprechaun trap! I was fairly new to this idea so, like I always do, I went to Pinterest for ideas on how to trap a leprechaun and what doing that really meant. Was there something hidden that I didn’t know? Did I have to hide something? I found and pinned a bunch of ideas for the trap and it looks like everyone does something different with it. It seems similar to a certain ‘Elf on the Shelf’ – another fairly new phenomenon that parents are still figuring out.


So it looks like we are going to join in on the fun and try and catch a leprechaun! Check us out on Twitter or Facebook to see if we had any LUCK!

You can also pop over to Pinterest and follow us there to see other people’s leprechaun traps ideas and get some inspiration for your own!  #MelMar


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