#MealsOnABudget – Post 2!


Here’s a very simple weeknight meal that is still nutritious and, perhaps best of all, on budget! (Reminder: The budget for suppertime is $2.00 per person.) Here’s the breakdown:

Chicken … $0.66
Sweet Potato … $0.43
Broccoli … $0.48
Cheese sauce … $0.38
TOTAL … $1.95

Here’s a breakdown of the cheese sauce, in case you’re ever tempted by the Whiz:

Cheese Sauce (5ish Servings)
Flour ($0.02)
Butter ($0.22)
Salt’n’Pepper ($0.02)
Cheddar Cheese ($1.20)
Milk ($.47)
TOTAL: $1.93

Another tasty, healthy meal on budget thanks to frozen broccoli. And that brings us to today’s lesson!

Today’s Lesson
I used to assume that frozen veg was limp and lifeless, bereft of any nutritional redemption. My dear Jamie Oliver taught me otherwise. He says that vegetables are flash frozen at their peak freshness and in most cases would contain more original nutrients that the raw versions you’d buy in the produce department. Unless you are eating the veg raw (as in, not stir frying, casserolling, steaming, etc.), your best bet for nutritional and financial value is frozen! (I buy a massive bag off frozen broccoli for about $6.00 that makes the price per floret about $0.04!)

Hope this is helpful! Keep the feedback coming! 🙂 #MelHal


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