A Bland Afternoon Turned Colourful

My oldest boy always seems to be on the run. He’s going to birthday parties, hockey games, practices, friends’ houses, etc. Last weekend, while BigB was off cultivating his social life, me and LittleL found ourselves without much to do. I remembered a paint activity that I had seen on Craftulate so we decided to give it a try.

I had all the necessary materials on-hand which, let’s face it, is a total bonus. (And if I have all the supplies on hand then you know it must be pretty easy to organize!) Within a matter of minutes we were ready to roll with this ultra-fun activity! LittleL even helped me get set up. When he saw me pulling out the paints, he knew he was in for a special treat. He had to exercise some patience, though, while I covered the paint with plastic wrap.

It was awesome to watch LittleL exploring with the paint. He is 2 1/2 years old and was making some really great observations on his own. I heard him say things like, “Hey Mommy, I just made purple with these paints!” “Mommy, can I have more blue in the middle?” “All this red and white is making my picture pink!”

Once he filled his canvas, we pulled back the plastic wrap. My little guy couldn’t wait for his daddy and big bro to get home so he could show off his masterpiece!


Tole Paints

Cardstock (we don’t normally have this on hand so I just cut apart file folders)

Painters Tape

Cardboard (to cover the workspace)

Plastic Wrap

This is a simple, quick, easy activity (with plenty of room for creativity!) to turn an otherwise boring afternoon into a colourful one! Check out the full description from Craftulate here. #MelMar


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