New Fates for Rotting Pears


I like to buy pears. They are nutritious and a good fruit to give to Violet. The problem, however, is they seem to only be at peak ripeness for a few hours and then they are too soft and mushy to enjoy on their own. The go-to recipe for über-ripened fruit seems to be loaf but the last two times I had overdone pears I didn’t have the other ingredients needed for a loaf so I had to get creative. One evening I made cinnamon-pear smoothies to have for dessert and on another occasion I “stewed” pears in balsamic vinegar and served them with pork.

I don’t exactly have ‘recipes’ to share for either of these rotten-pear inspired dishes because they seem to happen on a whim when I realize I will have to throw out the pear if I don’t use it right away! I just create derivative-dishes based on recipes I see online. The smoothie, for example, called for nutmeg and ice cubes. We still don’t have an ice cube tray at our new house (!) and nutmeg is even further down the list of items to buy so I used cinnamon and extra yogurt to make sure the finished product was still thick and spicy, The recipe for stewed pears that I found described a process that would have taken hours so I just boiled some olive oil and balsamic vinegar long enough to make it thick, added some garlic, onions, mushrooms and, after a while, the pears. I let them cook in the juice , added the pork (that I had been cooking in another pan because I was in a rush) and I was really happy with how it turned out! I would do one thing differently next time, though! I added dried rosemary to this dish. I found the texture annoying and the flavour a little too overpowering. In future attempts at this ‘recipe’ I would either use ground rosemary or fresh rosemary but watch the quantity and not go overboard.

If you’ve got ideas for how to use old pears or another fruit/veg that seems to turn quickly and need a new fate, let me know! I’m all about reducing waste and getting the most bang out of your grocery bill! MelHal


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