Let’s Band Together – Rainbow Loom Valentines


If you’ve been around any children between the ages of 5 and 10 recently, you have probably seen the infamous Rainbow Loom. Or, maybe you have seen a loving parent or grandparent sporting a woven bracelet made of rubber bands. Rainbow Looms were the hot Christmas gift of 2013 but Santa didn’t bring one to our house. My oldest boy wanted in on the trend though, so he parted with some giftcard money and bought one for himself! Yes, boys and girls are loving the looms! So far, we’re on our third bag of elastics (each bag holds 600 multi-colored elastics).


There is no shortage of great Valentine ideas on the internet but when you need to buy nearly 30 of that great idea, the total cost adds up quickly! Since BigB was churning out Rainbow Loom bracelets like he was on an assembly line, I figured there was an opportunity for cost-effective Valentines in his Rainbow Loom addiction!

Paper and Pigtails has great FREE set of printables for Valentine cards to go along with Rainbow Loom bracelets!  We printed these in colour and laminated them for durability. (Let’s face it, these February 14th gifts are going to be thrown in a paperbag, then a schoolbag, go on the bus, make their way around the classroom and then be tossed in another school bag for a second bus ride to their new home!)


I’m definitely happy with how this Valentine project turned out. They look really sharp and they were so easy to make! BigB is very proud of his creations and he’s excited to hand them out to his friends and classmates on Friday.

If you’re part of the Rainbow Loom club, you might want to check out these videos. They give examples of the styles we made, which can be challenging to get the hang of! They show two of the simpler weaves, the Single-Bracelet and the Fishtail. We haven’t made our way to the Starburst-Bracelet level yet! #MelMar



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